We aim to create a shared space inclusive of any who have a desire, collectively, to;
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Speak softly
Listen deeply
Seek a better world
Knowing that we contain multitudes,
we are one world with many peoples
one people with many worlds

About Us

#WeContainMultitudes is a platform for dialogue and collaborative meaning making. It is a shared space envisaged as one through which, people who are concerned about the complex wicked problems that we are grappling with, could come together despite physical isolation, to explore, engage, debate and chart a hopeful path forward.

Our conversations are not structured or rehearsed. Often, they bring together conversation instigators who have never met before. They strive to be authentic in approaching the troubling issues of our time, to be hopeful for a future and to provoke thought as to how we might encourage a synthesis that is inclusive, that moves us beyond duality and partisanship and that help us, individually and collectively, to contribute to positive change in our lives and the lives of others.

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Register for conversations through Eventbrite and follow #WeContainMultitudes or add your name to our advance invitation list. Spaces are sometimes limited to ensure the conversation gives everyone a space to engage and participate so do book early

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