How do we live flourishing lives in a polarised world where “I am right and you are wrong”?

About this event

In a polarised world where “I am right and you are wrong”, we badly need to regain our sense of nuance and humility. If we are to navigate the enormous challenges humanity faces to avoid catastrophe, our most urgent task is to remember how to steer a course towards flourishing lives for everyone.

Help is at hand. Ancient philosophy, which many may have mistaken as irrelevant to the concerns of the modern world, contains wisdom that helps us look at the world in a new way. In this session of We Contain Multitudes, we will discuss the lost wisdom of ancient systems of astrology and Stoicism and explore the guiding principles they suggest would help steer our course towards living a ‘good life’.

The conversation will feature Rod Suskin, a polymath who has woven insights from many ancient systems of thought to produce a philosophy based on practical wisdom. Rod has been a student of astrology since he was 9 years old, has a masters’ degree on the topic, and has spent 17 years on radio, and 9 years on TV. He is a Sangoma – a traditional healer and is widely read on the philosophy of Stoicism.

Rod will be joined in the conversation by Barry Knight, one of the Radio Gang, whose early academic career was based on a logical positivist approach in which only things that could be seen and counted mattered. His recent writing repudiates this view and suggests that we need radically different ways of seeing and being if human beings are to thrive in a world in which there are many more things in heaven and earth than we can know.

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About Rod

Rod Suskin is South Africa’s best-known astrologer and has regular radio and TV slots there and has written columns and articles for many major publications including two of the biggest daily newspapers. Studying astrology since childhood, he has practiced professionally since 1989 and teaches a three-year online Diploma course, based firmly in the traditional practice but aimed towards the 21st century astrologer.

Rod was initiated as a traditional African shaman in 1982. He is the author of a number of books on spiritual life as well as the Llewellyn astrology books Cycles of Life and Synastry. He also contributes regularly to a variety of publications in South Africa and was commissioned to write about the national chart for the official parliamentary newspaper. He recently achieved an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales and for the last four years has had his own show “Rod Suskin’s World” on national TV where he makes astrological forecasts and discusses a variety of spiritual topics.

Rod can be reached at [email protected] and